Earth loves Wolves Birds
The wolf does not attack the person.


Cherry tree needs a hairy caterpillar to let a flower bloom in the full bloom.

 He is drawing,every day,recently.

I noticed that a sparrow was smarter than a crow 


note;A crow cannot enter the place where twigs crowd,so,I sprinkle the food of sparrows there.
The crow already ate enough,and they are all right. 2016.1.5.

⇒NEW IDEA⇒The big food is for crows and put up small one to a small birds!! during running

here: Because the crow is gifted.
Bake a rice cake with an interval oven in a few minutes. and soak in sause,extract,soup 
stock. and cut and cover with rice bran and salt.

The NEST sparrow made & The LEAVES sparrows gave

 W e  ( B I R D S )   c o v e r   t h e   e a r  th   b e a u t i f u l l y